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Senior & Mid Level Hiring

One of the essential steps at enlistment administration is contracting for a senior or centre level. They are responsible for the improvement of the association as they’re the pillars that form any company. R2R Consults provides you with senior & mid-level hiring services. Our team of qualified experts hand-pick and employ talent at the senior as well as mid-level posts in your organization. Professionals are selected based on various features that the organization needs to ensure the best possible fit between the company and the person. If you’re looking for senior and middle-level hiring recruitment consultants in India, you can get your requirements met at R2R Consults.

Global Talent Sourcing

Talent sourcing alludes to the way competitors distinguish, explore, produce and connect to change over people into work candidates. The more extensive the ability of sourcing is, the more exceptionally gifted candidates are produced with a steady progression. At R2R consults, the objective of talent sourcing, in general, is to aid the organization in the acquisition of talent with specific skill sets that are available on the global market. Talent sourcing is like the beginning stage of the enrolment cycle and a basic component of building a strong ability pipeline. R2R is an established leader in global talent mapping and research. R2R identifies talent based on the growing needs of the organization to cultivate a robust and steady stream of high-quality candidates.

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Out Placement

The pandemic has made difficulties and constrained firms from recruiting valued representatives. Many organizations around the world are realigning their business technique to remain ahead in the current COVID-19 situation. As associations’ rebuild, they will keep on putting resources into ability and employing basic jobs; however, few jobs may no longer line up with the general business technique workers would, shockingly, be laid-off. On such occasions, R2R Consults immovably remains with you and continues to oversee issues to safeguard a generally solid firm.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Suppose you're starting a new organization or intending to expand an existing one. In either case, you're going to require your Human Resource division to oversee work smoothly and avail global recruitment services. That is precisely where our recruitment process outsourcing services come in. At R2R Consults, we act as a global recruiter and assist associations through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service. International recruitment agencies tend to be on a costlier end. This arrangement permits organizations to employ exceptionally gifted enrolment specialists at a fixed rate, bringing about better quality hires as well as more noteworthy recruiting effectiveness at lower costs. Technologically advanced systems enable us to make quality hires, assert local governance and complete the overall process in the expected time frame with satisfying results. The measurable benefits include delivering strong ROI with cost-effective and impactful solutions using decades of experience at scale. The brand perceptions measured on Glassdoor can be improved as compared with other firms without outplacements.

Recruitment process outsourcing
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Retained Search and Executive Search

Exclusively focused on Board and CXO level leadership hiring, our Executive Search Practice operates with a retained model, aiming to bring exceptional value to esteemed clients by attracting top-tier talent and forming agile, diverse, people-oriented organizations to fulfill strategic objectives. To achieve this, we thoroughly comprehend clients' strategic goals, required leadership roles, essential competencies, and cultural attributes for new executives. With unparalleled expertise and extensive networks, our executive recruiting consultants employ far-reaching professional connections, industry insights, and internal research to pinpoint suitable individuals, remaining at the industry forefront through continuous innovation. Engaging with every potential candidate, including those not actively seeking roles, guarantees candidates of exceptional caliber. Our commitment to rapid turnaround timelines, confidentiality, and cost-effectiveness, backed by knowledge management and industry research, ensures swift, exemplary results. With a tailored approach to each client's needs, we consistently deliver exceptional results across diverse demands, be it multinational, transnational, start-up, or uniquely specialized talent requirements.

HR Legal n Compliance

R2R HR understands the pivotal role of people in businesses. Our HR compliance services help companies achieve effective employee compliances, adhering to India's labor and taxation laws, which change at national and state levels. Compliance is crucial to avoid legal difficulties like fines and damages. We offer a comprehensive range of services, handling various compliances from Shops to Factories Act. Our expertise covers Payroll Compliance, HR Audit, Manpower Cost optimization, and more, ensuring financial security and promoting welfare. We also provide POSH and POSCO training, fostering a safe work environment.

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global recruiters

Temp Staffing

Our track record in temporary and contract staffing swiftly connects you with the right talent. We handle end-to-end payroll management, allowing you to focus on core business. Trusted by Fortune 100™ brands and small to mid-sized corporations across APAC, our comprehensive HR solutions include expert Recruitment Support, Seamless Migration, Structured On-boarding, Associate Training, Payroll Management, Compliance, and Rewards & Recognition programs to foster a positive and efficient workforce management process.

HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing is a strategic practice that allows companies to delegate HR functions to external service providers, freeing up resources for core competencies and strategic initiatives. By leveraging specialized HR expertise, businesses can streamline processes, ensure compliance, and scale services as needed. The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing provides tailored solutions to align with specific needs and budgets. Confidentiality and data security are prioritized, enhancing data protection. Ultimately, HR outsourcing optimizes HR functions, attracts top talent, fosters employee satisfaction, and drives overall business growth, making it a pivotal approach in shaping the future of HR management.

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